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Books are important. We're merely the readers who partake of the magic.


Books & Benches has seen many changes since it first launched as a personal book blog in 2012. Because burnout happens, in 2022 we realized the need to step back, refocus, and slow down. We wanted a change, but also wanted to keep the B&B posts live for all to discover, read, and enjoy.


Over the years we've had great pleasure in featuring numerous talented authors and their books, and we remember each one with fondness. However much our volunteers may wish we could keep up the blog indefinitely, it is time to say a heartfelt farewell to this site in its current format. 

We want to thank all the readers who have supported the authors, as well as the many authors who have been featured on Books & Benches over the past several years, and wish you much success and enjoyment in your future reading (and writing) endeavors.

Will we return? Perhaps someday. 

Be well and stay bookish!

—The Books & Benches Team

August 2022


This website is privately owned, and we celebrate the written word in all its glory, including our right to read and feature the books of our choosing. We have never made reading or other decisions based on anything that falls within any political spectrum. Doing so would interfere with our happy reading goals. 

Content Codes Deciphered!

0 Hearts: This book is as squeaky clean as it gets.

1 Heart: Aww! This is a clean read appropriate for all audiences. May have sweet, clean kisses.


2 Hearts: Our hearts are aflutter. This author knows how to turn up the heat with some passionate kisses. Nothing graphic here!


3 Hearts: Chemistry is a little sweet and little spicy. A touch of detail, but the stuff that makes us blush is behind closed doors.

4 Hearts: We're getting hot in here! These characters know how to have a good time. Lucky for us, they don't go into too much detail.


5 Hearts: Pull out your fans and grab a glass of ice-cold water because this book is steaming hot! One or more graphic sex scenes.

**We do not feature or review erotica or erotic romance.**

Content Ratings (Non-Romance Books)

N/A: No Sex; No Violence

PG: Non-Descriptive Sex; No Violence

PG-13 (1): Non-Descriptive Sex; Some Violence

PG-13 (2): No Sex; Some Violence

R (1): Descriptive Sex and Violence

R (2): No Sex; Graphic Violence

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