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Until we meet again fair readers!

Books & Benches has seen many changes since it first launched as a personal book blog in 2012. Over the years we've had great pleasure in featuring numerous talented authors and their books, and we will remember each one with fondness.

The past year and a half have brought many transitions, and however much our volunteers may wish we can keep up the blog indefinitely, it is time to say a heartfelt farewell. The site will remain online for the foreseeable future, so we encourage you to continue exploring, discovering authors, and enjoying the multitude of wonderful books awaiting you.

We want to thank all the readers who have supported the authors, as well as the many authors who have been featured on Books & Benches over the past several years and wish you much success and enjoyment in your future reading (and writing) endeavors.

Will we return? Perhaps someday. There are occasional posts over at

Be well and stay bookish!

The Books & Benches Team

August 2022

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